Joke That Can Kill: Why Teenagers Eat Tide Pods And Why Is It Very Dangerous?

Date August 2, 2018

The impact of the internet couldn’t be underestimated. Nowadays, kids can get access to the information that we, parents, didn’t even know existed. The growing possibilities of the internet inevitably lead to the much faster social development of our children. If you believe it is great, then you probably don’t know about the Tide Pod Challenge.

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It started all with a joke

What started as a pretty gross joke from the comedy website CollegeHumor, quickly grew into an online teenage trend. The authors of the video obviously just wanted to make fun of the fancy Tide Pods that looked like sweet candies. However, the tables have turned ever since: people deliberately ate the pods and recorded the process on cam!

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Deadly combination of toxins

Every parent knows that laundry pods are very dangerous for children. It is so for a reason. According to the National Capital Poison Center, laundry pod exposure can have extremely serious negative consequences, including vomiting, troubled breathing, burns to the eyes, skin and esophagus, coma, and even death! These apply not only to children but also to teens and adults.

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Laundry pods contain a highly toxic combination of ethanol, hydrogen-peroxide, and polymers. This mix is essentially poisonous for a human body. The pods were designed to clean your clothes and not to play with them, especially not to ingest even just for fun.

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Why is it happening?

Experts believe teens are accepting this challenge to get some likes and popularity online. Let’s face it, there are more than enough people doing some dumb things on the internet. Some of these things are extremely dangerous and life-threatening. But how did we end up like that? These kids clearly do not value the life itself.

The aphorism “you only live once” is not new, as we all know and remember “carpe diem.” However, its meaning has completely transformed over the last years due to the lack of moral. Adding to that, lots of so-called cultural figures that are now having an extreme impact on our children aren’t making things better. 

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Let’s be optimistic, though. We can have an impact not only on our children but also on the society in general. Let’s make this world a better place to live by sharing our bright and kind ideas!

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