Mother Defends Her Right To Breastfeed In Public After Being Criticized At Disneyland

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November 27, 2018 18:00 By Fabiosa

Public breastfeeding still remains one of the hottest topics around. Imagine a quickly heated scandal on an already hot day because one of the women is openly breastfeeding her child. Not that hard to imagine, right? On one of such days, Brittni Medina defended her right to breastfeed publicly, when others criticized her.

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What happened?

Brittni Medina was basically forced to breastfeed her hungry 10-month-old boy. She was standing in a long queue at Disneyland to take a family picture when her son got hungry. And the question is why wouldn’t she be able to feed her child right away? California law allows mothers to breastfeed publicly, and Brittni is comfortable feeding everywhere.

I was standing in a very long line to get our picture taken my son got hungry and I wasn’t going to wait in another line again. So I took off my first top and nursed.

Viral post

Then, two angry women standing behind the mother started making judging comments about her action. However, instead of fighting with them, Brittni asked her husband to make a photo, which she later posted online.

These women were making snarky comments so I moved from my spot to catch a picture with these characters. Not for attention for me but attention to the fact NO WOMEN SHOULD BE SHAMED FOR FEEDING THEIR BABY UNCOVERED.

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This post became viral, as people began discussing the topic politely at first. But the peaceful debates quickly grew into a bloody war:

Way too controversial even for Facebook

And indeed, the topic is extremely controversial in the U.S., as even companies like Facebook had a questionable position regarding public breastfeeding. Facebook had been removing photos of mothers breastfeeding multiple times, as they allegedly violated the company’s terms and conditions. They had been removing even those photos where the baby covered the nipple.

What do you think of the topic? Should mothers be allowed to feed their babies in public?

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