Warning To All Parents: 3-Year-Old Boy Dies In His Mom's Arms From Choking On A Small Bouncy Ball

Date June 14, 2018

There’s nothing more devastating and horrifying than losing your child and not be able to do anything about it. Anna Davis, an Australian mother, lost her 3-year-old son when she was just three feet away from him. Her little boy, Alby, died of choking on a small bouncy ball toy.

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How did it happen?

Devastated mother shared the shocking news on social media on February 27, a day after her son’s death. She told that she was just near Alby when the boy started choking on the toy ball. According to the mother, she performed CPR for the whole 16 minutes until the ambulance arrived. The minutes turned into hours of torture. Anna says:

I, of course, tried to save our beautiful boy. The heartache we are already experiencing is indescribable.

Some journalists tried to twist the story to make a scandal out of it. The mother received horribly ignorant and incorrect assumptions about her son’s death and decided to comment on it:

To know there are ill-informed stories and subsequent false accusations circulating, initiated by some incredibly heartless people at this time, only exacerbates our pain.

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Anna was OK with her son playing with the toy

The ball was about the size of a coin, approximately an Australian 50 cent coin, and themed after the popular children’s TV-show PJ Masks. Despite the warnings on the label that the toy is not suitable for children under three, the mother was comfortable with letting her son play with it. Little Alby would have turned 4 in a few days.

The ball got stuck in the boy’s windpipe causing an obstruction which led to asphyxia. Despite the mother’s attempts to save her precious child, Alby died in her arms before the arrival of paramedics. On March 5, the mother shared a beautiful photo celebrating what would have been Alby’s birthday.


Darling Alby, Today, despite the fact you are no longer with us, we celebrate and honour your fourth sunshine journey. Your daddy and I visited you this morning, holding your hands and stroking your hair, for what I wish could have been an eternity. We placed your much-longed for gift - a waterproof watch with a light - around your tiny little wrist, and tried not to shower you with too many tears as we painted your fingernails with your favourite gold glitter polish. Time spent with you is never enough and leaving without you by our side, summons the most unbearable pain we’ve ever had to endure. Our arms are yearning for the thousands of cuddles yet to be given, our ears are longing for your laughter to once again resound through the walls of our home, and our hearts are shattered for the millions of memories we’ll never have the chance to create. We, along with the world, are weeping, but we take solace in the fact that all you ever knew, in your almost-four-years, was nothing but love. We are eternally grateful for the abundant light you brought to our lives and now know that your purpose was so much higher than any of us ever anticipated. Happy birthday sweetheart. We miss you endlessly ♥️

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We send our condolences to the family. Also, we want to remind everybody that letting your children play with small toys that they can try swallow can lead to an irreversible and horrible tragedy.

How to save a choking child?

Children can choke, however, when during the process of eating. What to do in such situation to save your child? In the video down below, you can learn two techniques that can help in case your child is choking: back blows and abdominal thrusts.

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