"I Am A Masterpiece": Carmen Rene Is All About Body Positivity As She Embraces Her Lymphedema And Her Curvy Figure

Date October 23, 2019

Having a healthy body image is very crucial if you want to live happily. It's impossible to truly savor each day if you're constantly worried about what people think of your looks or your flaws.

Thankfully, social media has something for everyone who is trying to cope with their insecurity. People can always find inspiration from men and women who accept themselves and celebrate their appearance.

Meet Carmen Rene

Carmen is a body positive influencer who has had to come to terms with her appearance. According to Curvicality, this beautiful lady has battled lymphedema since she was three years old. Her symptoms include noticeable swelling in her legs and feet.

She has had to cope with looking different for most of her life but today, Carmen doesn't just accept herself, she's inspiring others to do the same.

While speaking with Barcroft TV and wearing a black dress which had the words "I am a masterpiece" on it, the body-positive activist opened up about celebrating herself and being with a partner who loves her for who she is.

She revealed that while she has had to cope with negativity, she doesn't allow that to bother her as she's more focused on the lives she has been changing.

Carmen Rene Instagram page boasts of hundreds of thousands of followers and the gorgeous lady said that many of them have told her how happy they are to have someone like her to look up to.

In an interview with Curvicality, Carmen said she has gotten used to people staring at her and judging her but gone are the days when she would allow all that to keep her from "living my best, most cellulit life.”

Take a cue for Carmen

According to NationalEatingDisorders, some of the ways to build confidence and have a better body image are to:

  • Make and keep a list of things you love about yourself;
  • Surround yourself with people that make you feel good;
  • Remember that beauty isn't just about how you look;
  • Treat yourself;
  • And never listen to the voices in your head that say you aren't good enough, pretty enough and so on.

"I Am A Masterpiece": Carmen Rene Is All About Body Positivity As She Embraces Her Lymphedema And Her Curvy FigurePhoto Book Pro /

Maintaining a healthy body image is usually easier said than done and it does take practice, but it's something you just should never ignore. If your looks are causing you to hide away or preventing you from showing the whole world who you are, then it's a problem.

Take a cue from people like Carnen and remember that even though you may be judged, it doesn't have to affect you. You are beautiful and that's what really matters.

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