School Teacher Gets Banned From Wearing Skirts At School For Being "Distracting"

Date October 25, 2019 13:34

Being a teacher is a very important role. You get to shape young minds which, in turn, affects the future of society. Students learn a lot from their teachers and it's not just book related.

School Teacher Gets Banned From Wearing Skirts At School For Being "Distracting"Sansoen Saengsakaorat /

In many cases, teachers serve as role models. And as a result, most of what they do can influence the decision a student makes. But does the rule apply to modes of dressing?

A schoolteacher's rage

A former teacher is lashing out after she was banned from wearing skirts because they were apparently too provocative for the workplace.

Nadia Bodoky, who quit teaching to become a journalist, wrote in an AU News article that she had enough of her previous job when her boss told her she couldn't wear skirts anymore.

Nadia explained that her boss said she should not "wear skirts or anything figure-hugging" because it "distracted the boys from their work."

She went on to say that this was her first job out of university and she was teaching English at an all-boys high school where this happened.

This is also my first real introduction to being sexualised against my will. It will not be my last.

The former teacher said she was so upset about what her boss told her that she handed in her notice of resignation two days after the meeting. She explained that this wasn't just because she felt "uncomfortable" with her boss' words, but mostly because she believed the boys she was teaching were capable of more than being fixated on her outfit.

What teachers should wear

It is understandable that Nadia would be upset after being called out for her dressing in a way that makes it look like her actions were detrimental to her job.

According to Teachhub, tips for teachers' dress code include wearing comfortable and fitting clothes; soft makeup, minimal jewelry, while also remembering to maintain a professional, yet classy look.

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Keep in mind that being a teacher shouldn't mean you can't have a personal fashion. Regardless of what you wear, the goal is to feel good and confident about yourself. So one can see why Nadia felt uncomfortable after she was told she had to dress a certain way to be taken seriously.

Do you think Nadia was in the right here, or did her boss have a point?

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