Running Late? 5 Reasons You Miss Your Period Without Being Pregnant

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September 12, 2018 18:04 By Fabiosa

All women have a love-hate relationship with their periods: It's bad when the time of the month arrives, but it's even worse when it doesn't happen.

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Typical menstrual cycle lasts for 28 days, but it always varies, depending on a woman. But if you miss your period, it doesn't necessarily means you're pregnant. There are many other reasons for that.

Let's take a look at 5 possible causes your time of the month doesn't come.

1. Weight changes

Weight fluctuations are often the most common reason for irregular menstruation. Rapid weight loss or gain causes hormonal disbalance, which can cause a person to miss their period, but it resolves itself over time.

2. Stress

We've all been there. Severe stress can lower levels of reproductive hormones, which brings your periods to a halt. It's important to find coping methods to deal with stress.

3. Excessive exercise

Missing periods due to excessive exercising is called exercise-associated amenorrhea. The reason for that is dropping body fat, which can disrupt menstruation.

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4. Producing too much prolactin

Female body produces prolactin when she's breastfeeding, which is why most nursing moms don't have menstruation. But excessive production of prolactin is possible in women who didn't give birth recently, and it can be managed by a doctor.

5. Thyroid problems

The thyroid gland controles hormones that influence metabolism. Hypothyroidism leads to insufficient production of such hormones, which can lead to weight gain and missing menstruation.

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Stay healthy!

Female health is a complicated thing. Women need to be taking extra care of themselves to avoid issues with their bodies. It's advised to get enough sleep, reduce stress, eat healthy and get enough vitamin D.

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