Is Mosquito Allergy Real? Some React Severely To Those Annoying Bites, And It's Called The Skeeter Syndrome

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September 20, 2018 17:00 By Fabiosa

Every single person hates mosquitos. They're annoying and can bite pretty hard. And while most people just get regular itchy red bumps after a mosquito bite, some have a harder time with them. Turns out, there's such thing as a Skeeter Syndrome, which is an allergy to mosquito bites. So how do you know if you have it?

Symptoms of Skeeter Syndrome

Chances are, you've already seen a person allergic to mosquito bites. Ever notice someone getting really swollen bumps after getting bitten? That's it.

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However, Skeeter Syndrome can get even worse, causing unusually large inflammations, severe itchiness, and even pain.

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In some cases, people even experience nausea and get sick from the reaction to a mosquito bite. Fever and difficult breathing can also be one of the symptoms.

Most likely, if the person allergic to mosquitos gets bitten, for example, on their arm, the entire limb will get swollen. Quite a terrible scenario, isn't it?

Fortunately, however, there's no risk of going into into anaphylaxis, because mosquito allergy is not as severe as bees or wasps allergies. Specialists recommend carrying a bug spray in order to avoid getting bitten, but if it happens anyway, try applying cold compress.

Know how a mosquito bite looks like

Did you know that most bug bites look the same? Get to know how to identify a mosquito bite in order not to confuse it with anything else.

Stay safe and use a bug spray!

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