Simple Tricks To Help You Keep Your Lipstick In Place And Perfect Smile Smudge-Free All Day

Date May 3, 2018 14:19

The lipstick and women empowerment have become intertwined in recent years for better or worse.

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How lipstick makes you smarter

Beyond its ability to add instant glamour to a woman's look, it has been scientifically proven that cognitive ability is in part derived from wearing a lipstick. This phenomenon is called the lipstick effect.

A Harvard study revealed that the self-esteem boost that comes from using lipsticks influence our cognitive abilities. However, lipsticks are not free of mishaps and can, in fact, work against us.

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Finding and wearing the perfect shade can be twarted by something as benign and deflating as lipstick smudges on your teeth.

Preventing lipstick transfers

Lipstick transfers are the worst form of betrayal, especially if you have carried them around all day and no one has been kind enough to give you a heads up.

There are many ways to get rid of transfers, and the common ones require that you get long-wear lipsticks. But why break the bank when you can put an end to the problem once and for all?

Keeping your perfect lipstick in place is as simple as following these steps:

1. Line your lips

Apply lip liner along the edges of your lips to act as a magnet that keeps your lipstick in place. You could use a color similar to your natural lip shade or match your lip liner and lipstick.

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2. Fill them in with lip liner

Use the same lip liner of your choice to fill in your lip and act as base/anchor to your lipstick.

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3. Apply lipstick

Apply the lipstick of your choice directly from the tube or with a lip brush.

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4. Put your finger in your mouth

Form an "O" with your lips and insert your index finger through the "O." What this does is remove the excess that could smudge your teeth. 

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5. Check your teeth and hand

Don't forget to wash your hand and check your teeth to be sure there are no leftover smears.

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Keep it classy

Getting makeup right, of course, does not begin and end with lipsticks.

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Making up the right way entails using the right amount of makeup to ensure that nothing is done overboard. Make sure your foundation does not creep all the way to your hair line and make sure to obey the symmetry of your face.

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