"I Don't Look 30. I Look Older": Challi Muguira Suffers A Rare Genetic Disorder That Makes Her Age Rapidly

Date July 30, 2018

Progeria is a rare genetic condition that manifests the most peculiar symptoms. Right from an early age, children show signs of extreme aging. Life expectancy for children born with the condition is low and typically, they only survive until their teens.

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Primary symptoms of the condition include changes in skin, abnormal growth and hair loss. The condition is caused by a genetic defect, an abnormality in the processing of a structural protein. Up until the end of the 20th century, scientists knew little about the cause of the condition.

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There is still no known effective treatment for progeria, but healthcare givers make efforts to reduce complications caused by the condition. Coronary artery bypass surgery and low-dose aspirin are quite effective against the cardiovascular disease.

Challi Muguira from Baton Rouge, Louisiana is one of the few people who suffer from this condition. It took scientists several years to discover the particular strain of progeria that she suffers from. At first, they thought she had a hole in her heart and subjected her to random tests until she was 16.

I do have the features of someone who has Progeria and you can tell by looking at me I don't look 30. I look older.

Doctors told Challi about her condition at a very young age and said it would be a miracle if she lived until 30. Now she is well beyond the 30 mark, living her life as best as she can, being grateful for every moment.

If I could tell anybody one thing about progeria it would be: It's not always negative. If you can see the positive in it, you'll have a great life.

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Challi had it rough growing up, and some of her peers bullying her up until she graduated and got into high school.

It’s hard when you’re 15 years old and people think you’re 30. That was rough.

She still found love

After high school, life really started to look up for her. She met Tony on an online dating site and together, they formed a bond that eventually led them down the aisle. For Tony, Challi was no different from any other woman, and he said she is “independent” and “very supportive.”

Nathan and Bennet are brothers who also suffer from progeria, their case being so rare that only five people in the entire world suffer from it. Despite the difficulties they experience, the boys are still like any other normal children and hope to be treated the same.

People with progeria need all the love and support they can get on a daily basis. And more than just help with everyday tasks. Sometimes, a kind word and moral support are more than enough to put a smile on their faces.

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