Dream Of Reversing Wrinkles And Hair Loss? Scientists Seem To Have Found A Way To Do That

Date July 30, 2018 14:30

In fact, scientists prove there is no aging without wrinkles and hair loss. It’s natural but there are lots of ways people can handle at least some side effects of aging.

Reality when turning 50

With the change of hormones after 50, it’s inevitable people might see some not that usual things in their appearance. Some might start losing their hair, and it’s mainly about men. They can lose even half of it.

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There are those who might go gray but not necessarily right at 50. Practically, everyone will notice some wrinkles but using sunscreen regularly before they start to emerge might help a lot.

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Wrinkles and hair loss reversal?

According to the scientists at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, it might be possible to tackle aging at some point. At least, their research on mice has proved that it might be possible to turn off the mutation that causes aging.


They have found out the mitochondrial function decline is related to aging and its symptoms. That’s why they’ve made the mitochondrial function decline in mice. As a result, the animals have shown vivid changes of aging in a mere four weeks – hair loss, going gray, and lethargy.


Apparently, it might be a big step on our way to eternal youth.

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Celebrities that don’t age

There are those celebrities who look way younger than their age and it’s hard to tell what helped them look like that. Here are the names of a few of them: Rob Lowe, Paul Rudd, Tobey Maguire, Keanu Reeves and, of course, Will Smith. 

It’s hard to guess what made them look so great and not change with time. They must have a secret, could it be just the sunscreen?

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