"Smooth, Hydrated, And Pimple-Free": This Girl Tried Biohacking Her Body By Drinking 8 Glasses Of Water Every Day

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December 26, 2018 18:00 By Fabiosa

You have probably heard of the statement that water is the most important liquid on the planet since human beings are in average 60% water.

Sadly, for most of us, drinking water is not that important, since we have sweeter options, such as sodas, among countless other options that go down our throats easily. 


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In biohacking, water is emphasized as a very important drink that can benefit our bodies and ensure that we perform optimally. One way through which people have been challenged to drink enough water is through the 'Water You Drinking' challenge that urges people to consume at least 8 glasses every day.


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The challenge works by requiring you to track how much water you take throughout the day using an 8-ounce glass as your standard of measurement. Some of the benefits that water drinkers experience is that they get to feel energetic, notice that their skin is hydrated, and even get to relieve themselves of headaches.

Drinking 8 glasses each day really works!

For Morgan Brown, a YouTube blogger, what started as a simple challenge to drink 8 glasses of water every day turned out to be a great decision that left her feeling gorgeous, refreshed, and accomplished.

"Smooth, Hydrated, And Pimple-Free": This Girl Tried Biohacking Her Body By Drinking 8 Glasses Of Water Every DayItsHeyMorgan / YouTube

Just as any person would, Morgan started the challenge feeling extremely syked with the benefits that water would give her. Going in, she was very curious to see what changes she would find and by the end of 5 days of drinking water, she discovered several notable changes.

Speaking on her experiences during the week, Morgan gleefully remarked that the first thing she noticed was that her skin was:

Smooth and hydrated and most importantly, pimple free to the point where make up wasn’t necessary.

Other major changes that she observed were that her digestion was easier and that she had more energy. Despite not being a morning person, Morgan reported that “getting up in the morning and feeling refreshed and energized wasn’t a hard task,” as it was before.

For Morgan, the challenge to drink more water was effective for her body as it created significant outcomes for her body, proving it to be a most formidable biohack strategy.

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How to drink water even when it seems hard

Well, while Morgan definitely loves drinking water, for most people, sticking to the 8 glasses a day challenge would be easier said than done.


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However, you can achieve your daily water requirements by sticking to several strategies that will make taking water both easy and fun.

  1. Divide your weight by 8 to know the number of cups/glasses you should drink every day.
  2. Eat food, mostly vegetables like cucumber that are filled with water.
  3. Use sea salt with water since aside from the extra H20, you will get a bonus cache of important minerals.
  4. Add flavors such as lemon or orange to your water to make it tastier and easier to sip.

So, every day you put something in your mouth, ask yourself, how much water does it have? How much water should I add? And with time, you will be proud of your body.

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