How To Be A Free Runner? Is It Any Different From Parkour?

Date December 28, 2018

Free running, also widely known as parkour, has quickly become quite a fascinating trend over the last decades. It is a non-competitive form of physical activity, which greatly benefits your health arguably even more than the traditional running, jumping, or climbing. And of course, parkour looks very impressive and cool. We’ve seen how spectacular it is in movies and hundreds of self-made videos on YouTube. People freely moving through terrain and obstacles by using only their body is a surprisingly great metaphor for overcoming any difficulties in life. And another great thing about free running is that you can learn it basically all by yourself.

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How to be a free runner

First off, there are many articles online regarded to one simple question: “Is there any difference between free running and parkour?” And the answer is really simple – it is pretty much the same thing. Free running is basically a translation of the word parkour, which came from the French word “parcours.” So, how to become a free runner?

  1. Get in shape. It is believed that in order to start your parkour training, you have to be able to do at least 25 push-ups, 50 squats, and 5 pull-ups. Free runners use practically every muscle in their body to perform sometimes extremely dangerous stunts, which is why you have to develop your musculature.
  2. Parkour requires endurance. How do you expect to become a good free runner if you cannot run even three blocks? So, to gain that endurance you will need to be practicing regularly. Remember, consistency is parkour’s best friend.
  3. Practice your landing. Learning parkour means falling on the ground a lot. So before trying any serious maneuvers, you need to master your landing. Practice some forward rolls. Remember, you should roll using your shoulders, not your back!
  4. Explore your capabilities. Parkour gives you a great opportunity to test your body in so many different ways. Start with simple stunts, and gradually make them more challenging. Experiments are the key to your progress.
  5. There is no special equipment needed. To start doing parkour, all you need is a comfortable pair of basic running footwear. Pick the one that fits most.

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Learn free running at home

The most important, fundamental thing you have to learn in parkour is landing and rolling. You can do it at home. Practice rolling, for example, on your bed. Don’t forget that you should always roll on your shoulders, not your back, to prevent possible damage to your spine. When you become more confident, you can jump off the bed and roll on the ground. Also, it is important to stretch your muscles before the training.

You can use other things like chairs, tables, nightstands to practice some basic things. But it is much better to train outside. Probably the most wonderful thing about parkour is that you can train everywhere. Stairs, ledges, trees, walls, and many other places are absolutely perfect for free runners. And you can find such locations literally everywhere.

How To Be A Free Runner? Is It Any Different From Parkour?Standret /

Remember, safety comes first! Don’t try to repeat some complicated, life-threatening stunts you’ve seen on YouTube. Listen to your body and master the control of it step by step. Imagine you are a little child, who tries to learn how to walk.

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