How To Exfoliate Your Lips With DIY Scrubs. Take Care Of Those Beautiful Lips!

Date January 29, 2019

People have lots of nasty bad habits. And today we want to talk about the one that is especially topical in a windy and cold climate – biting off the old skin on the lips. Although it is perfectly natural for your body to regenerate, there are much healthier ways of dealing with the problem of the old cells on your lips. The thing is that such habit can lead to small wounds, which in turn can lead to infections. We bet you wouldn’t want a colony of bacteria on your lips. Of course, this is unpleasant not just because of the annoying pain, but also because of the aesthetic reasons. Let’s look closer at the problem and some of the best ways of solving it.

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How to remove that old skin from the lips

Your lips can become quite chapped especially in winter or due to sun exposure. The skin is incredibly soft, sensitive, and thin. That’s why it is important to take proper care of it regardless of the climate conditions you live in. What can you do to prevent chapped lips? Well, there is a whole bunch of things you could add to your arsenal.

  1. Drink more water to prevent dehydration.
  2. Lick your lips less. Our saliva contains chemicals that very quickly make the skin dry and vulnerable.
  3. Try to limit your mouth breathing.
  4. You can also add a bit more healthy fat in your diet.
  5. Eliminate vitamin deficiency.   
  6. Change the toothpaste and lip products you use, and see if the skin gets better.
  7. Check on diseases like candidiasis, impetigo, thyroid disorder, etc.

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Exfoliating your lips in a healthy way

Exfoliating is a very helpful procedure that helps repair the skin of your lips by removing the build-up of the old cells. The internet is full of different DIY scrubs and other similar stuff. So we’ve picked our 3 most favorites ones that we’d like to recommend for you.

Vanilla lip scrub

This remedy is just perfect for those who’d love to have the taste of vanilla on their lips. You can try different oils (coconut or olive) to make the scrub that suits your skin.

Sugar honey scrub

Everyone knows how healthy and tasty honey is. But, few people are aware of its super beneficial properties that can heal your skin, especially such a delicate like the one on your lips.

Organic brown sugar + coconut oil scrub

Due to the fact that organic brown sugar granules are bigger, they can easily exfoliate the old skin. Moreover, this mixture tastes absolutely delicious!

Unfortunately, any scrub exfoliates both good and bad (old) skin on the lips. That why it’s really important to know to use lip scrub properly. To be specific, how often you should do it. Too much of exfoliating can bring you more harm than good. Do it gently and no more than once a day. Be sure that your scrub contains oil to moisturize and protect the sensitive skin.

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