How To Wake Up A Drunk Person: Alcohol Poisoning Is Really Dangerous

Date December 28, 2018

Have you been drunk so much that you couldn’t even speak or walk? Or maybe such thing is happening to your friend right now? Alcohol poisoning is a very serious condition that can even be lethal. Besides damaging the brain cells, as well as other important organs like the kidneys and the liver, alcohol can make the person simply stop breathing. The drunk person can even choke with their own vomit during sleep. Therefore, it’s important to know how to help in such cases. And sometimes, it’s not even about how to sober up the person.

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How to wake up a drunk person

First things first, there are situations where you shouldn’t even try waking up a drunk person. Besides the fact that it can be rather difficult to do, you can cause even more damage to their health. There has been developed a special system that helps you determine whether the alcohol level in the blood is critical. It is called “PUBS,” and each letter in the acronym refers to a particular sign:

  • puking while sleeping;
  • unresponsive to shaking or pinching;
  • breath is really slow or absent;
  • skin is cold or blue.

In case of observing these symptoms, you should immediately call 9-1-1.

How To Wake Up A Drunk Person: Alcohol Poisoning Is Really DangerousHow To Wake Up A Drunk Person: Alcohol Poisoning Is Really DangerousPhotobank ProLL /

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When is it safe to let a drunk person sleep

It is often believed that sleeping it off helps to get alcohol out of the blood. In reality, however, it’s not that good. Due to the fact that metabolism is slower during sleep, the person often wakes up still being drunk. However, if there are no PUBS signs, you can put them to bed in a specific position called the Bacchus Maneuver to prevent choking. Stand from one side of the lying drunk person. Raise the arm (one that is closest to you) above their head. Slowly roll them over towards yourself. Tuck the other hand under their head, to maintain the airflow. Watch the full instruction.

How to help a drunk person to sober up

If your friend is not in a stance of horrible alcohol poisoning, you can try to sober them up to prevent those horrible consequences like vomiting and passing out. The best way to do it is to raise the pulse. Make them move! Dance to some great music and see if it helps. One minute of a cold shower or a cup of coffee might also work miracles. Yes, we get it. Sometimes, handling your drunk friend seems barely possible, but in case of alcohol poisoning, they just are not capable of taking care of themselves.

How To Wake Up A Drunk Person: Alcohol Poisoning Is Really DangerousHow To Wake Up A Drunk Person: Alcohol Poisoning Is Really DangerousMettus /

Drinking alcohol can lead to some serious long-term brain damage. It can also have short-term negative consequences and even result in death. We do not recommend consuming alcohol.

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