Ever Dreamt Of Looking Like A Celebrity? You Have What It Takes!

Date December 12, 2018 23:12

It feels like the world revolves around celebrities and not around the Sun. And metaphorically speaking, it is true. Celebrities are basically vivid representations of our ideal standards. The looks and charisma – that’s what we love most about them, don’t we? And so many people would give everything just to create the look that would scream “I’m famous!” Okay, we are here to give you some practical pieces of advice on how to achieve this dream.

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How to look like a celebrity

Whether you want to copy the specific celebrity’s image or to look like a superstar of your own, you need to understand what exact things make famous people stand out. You might be surprised, but it’s never about just style.

1. Fashion trends

Stay in touch with the latest fashion trends and monitor your favorite celebrities’ clothes. The dressing part is extremely important if you want to look like a model. Choose the most popular colors, shapes, and styles. But remember to keep the classic outfits on hand. Oh, and one more thing. You should always be prepared for formal public occasions like galas and afterparties. If you are wondering how to dress like a movie star, simply put on a beautiful evening gown that will emphasize your body’s best features and hide any flaws. Celebrities also have lots of imperfections, they just know how to conceal them.

2. Accessories

Celebrities always wear things that suit them and their image. For example, there are lots of styles of sunglasses, and you should wear the one that suits you best, not just copy your favorite idol’s ones. Ever wondered what would you look like as a movie star? Just wear the most suitable, trendy accessories! Also, you can make some type of accessory your signature. For instance, you could wear the same type of hat whenever you go.

3. Finances

Dressing like a celebrity can be extremely expensive. Don’t be lazy and look for some cheaper options in case you are tight on budget. The more choice you have in your closet, the better! It is even better if you set a limit on your shopping. 5-10 % of your income on clothes and stuff is a great start. But it is important to resist the urge to go over the line.

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4. Makeup and hair

One of the key things about a celebrity look is a perfect makeup and hair. Remember how we’ve already told about different styles of sunglasses? The same rule applies to makeup and hair. You should always aim for a style that suits you best. Even if you copy the celebrity’s one, try to change it a little bit so that it would go well with your facial features. And once again, stay on top of trends, because they change oh-so-quickly.

5. Confidence

Even if you follow every single thing mentioned above, you will not look like a true celebrity if you lack confidence. You have to believe that you are a superstar if you want to look like one. You can’t really see it with your eyes – you can only feel it inside every celebrity. Show them all that you have what it takes to be a celebrity and not just copy their looks!

We hope this short guide will help you to make your dream come true. We believe that anyone can develop a strong feeling of self-confidence and shine like a true diamond. Last but not least, take care of your body: eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and treat your skin well. These habits are essential to become a truly successful person.

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