First Teen With Bionic Arms In The UK Rocks It At Makeup And Modelling, Changing People’s Attitude To Disability

Date September 10, 2019 16:31

With the dramatic advancements in bionic prosthetics that have been taking place in recent years, they are rapidly becoming a commonplace option. No longer do amputees have a limited choice when it comes to artificial limbs; the future of bionic prosthetics is very much in the here and now. Besides being more lifelike in their form and function, they are slowly changing people’s attitudes to disability, making them feel more like a hero!

First Teen With Bionic Arms In The UK Rocks It At Makeup And Modelling, Changing People’s Attitude To DisabilityDmitry Markov152 /

Girl with biotic arms has her own makeup tutorial channel

Just like any 13-year-old, Tilly Lockey from England loves to do makeup. Unlike most 13-year-olds, she does it using her 3D-printed bionic arms.

When Tilly Lockey was just 15 months old she was diagnosed with Meningococcal Septiceamia Strain B.

Amputating her hands, the doctor told her parents that they can't be sure if she would survive.

But Tilly never gave up and has been defying the odds ever since she was diagnosed!

Now 13, Tilly is fitted with bionic arms and is showing the world that her disability isn’t stopping her from kicking goals.

‘At first people would look at me and think my hands are quite creepy, but now kids are excited by them and it’s like I am a super hero – I love them!’

Tilly Lockey can now paint, put on her makeup, and give the thumbs up.

She added:

“They’re lots of fun and I’m proud to wear them.”

Tilly’s new arms, which she got in 2016, are considered the first of their kind.

They are tailor-made on a 3D printer and allow for precise movements that other prosthetic hands cannot.

She has her own makeup tutorial channel on YouTube that is awesome. Morever, she also does modelling and worh as an ambassador of Open Bionics. Likewise, raising awareness Tilly is working with tech companies to help give other children with missing limbs the opportunity to use this bionic technology, so they can live like an ordinary kid.

She wants to inspire others with disabilities to reach for the stars and hopes that in the future people won’t be scared by bionic arms.

"I don’t use makeup because I feel like I need it to look pretty I do it to see what I can achieve using these hands,"

Tilly told the documentary 60 Second Docs. The girl, who recently appeared in an advert for The Great British Bake Off, proves to be a real fighter!

Isn't she amazing?