Carol Vorderman, British Host, Asks Fans For Help, As She Is Suffering From Unusual Menopause Symptom

Date May 30, 2018

When menopause strikes, it often brings with it symptoms that may even disrupt the quality of life. The majority of women has such symptoms as hot flushes and vaginal dryness.

But there are also those who experience sleep disturbance, sexual dysfunction, urinary complaints, and breast pain. Apart from that, there may be some rare and unusual symptoms, so attention should be paid to them as well.

Carol Vorderman, a famous British TV host, has recently took to Twitter and begged her fans for help, revealing that she was struggling with menopausal hayfever. In her tweet, the mother-of-two complained about watery eyes, β€˜full of pollen tears’.

During the menopause, changing levels of hormones may lead to a weak immune system. And in its turn, it can make women more prone to allergic reactions, including hayfever.

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What can be done to prevent this from happening?

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First of all, it’s important to drink plenty of water, stick to a good diet, have a rest, and do sensible exercises. You can also opt for medication, such as nasal sprays, hayfever tablets, eye drops, and herbs.

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As for Vorderman, she got plenty of advice and medicine to try from her followers. As it turned out, the symptoms were quite common among the former Countdown star’s fans.

Here are some of the replies tweeted

As well as weakening the immune system, the menopause can also affect digestion and the nervous system. To deal with it, it’s better to refer to the professional doctor.

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