Woman Had Over 80 Skin Cancer Surgeries By Her 40s. Now She Shares Her Experience To Raise Awareness

Date May 11, 2018 18:00

Lisa Pace is a successful basketball coach, licensed massage therapist, certified personal trainer, certified sports nutrition specialist, and founder of Change a Life. But the 42-year-old is also a cancer survivor with over 80 surgeries.

And this is Lisa’s story

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When Pace was a teenager, she hated her pale skin and freckles. She started tanning. But her addiction escalated when she went to college. Lisa started tanning at a local salon every day, believing she looked better when she was bronzed.

The woman worked as a basketball coach. And since this job came with a health insurance, Pace’s mother encouraged her to visit all doctors, including a dermatologist.

During an appointment, the doctor made a biopsy of a few spots on her leg. A few days later, he called Lisa to tell it was a melanoma. But she didn’t take it seriously.

I blew it off for weeks. They kept calling me and eventually, they said: 'You need to get in here now.

Doctors urged the woman to have surgery and removed melanomas from her leg. After the operation, she couldn’t walk. But a couple of months later, she started going to the tanning salon again!

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In a year, Lisa had another surgery. This time, doctors removed skin cancer from her face. And this experience served as a turning point for the young woman.

This whole time I had been worried about how I looked, and now I have a huge scar on my face.

Unfortunately, even though Pace started taking care of her skin, the damage was just too much. In her mid-30s, she has already had 50 skin cancer surgeries all over her body, including a nose, chest, back, legs, and arms.

Lisa has no genetic disorders, so it was surprising she was developing cancer again and again. She is 42 now, and she has had a total of 86 surgeries! Sadly, she’s highly likely to have more.

Pace wants to raise awareness of the skin care importance. She advises young people to wear sunscreen and protective clothing.

What else can be done?

Apart from wearing protective clothing and sunscreen, the best you can do is stay in the shade, wear hats and sunglasses, refrain from tanning lamps and beds, and regularly examine your skin.

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