Why Sleeping Next To The Charger Can Be Extremely Dangerous

Date October 11, 2018 16:38

We are sure some of you put your phone on the charger at night and sleep 'peacefully' up till morning. Well, sorry to disappoint you, but you should reconsider this habit. According to the National Sleep Foundation, electronic devices ruin our sleep: It takes more time to fall asleep, resulting in insomnia and worse quality of sleep in general.

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Sleeping is a biological process, which we often violate by neglecting its essential functioning. Let us say that your body and brain should rest at night by actually sleeping, not staying up all night being a smartphone addict. Moreover, the device and its charger affect most of the parts of bodies (such as cardiac health issues), which might fail one day.

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Warning from Newton NH Fire Department 

Well, apparently, being close to a charging cell phone may cause not only health issues. The Fire Department announced that the majority of adolescents put their devices on or under their beds. And believe us when we say that it's hazardous not only for them but for all family members. 

The Department adds, "The heat generated cannot dissipate and the charger will become hotter and hotter." Thus, the overheated charger may cause a great fire, which might lead to unfavorable outcomes.

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How to stop being a smartphone junkie

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  1. Stop using your phone as an alarm. Either buy a traditional alarm clock or put the phone far away from you, so when you hear the sound nearby, you won't spend half an hour checking notifications and apps right away.
  2. Never ever, ever, ever bring your phone to the bathroom. Yeah, we know, we know, we tend to use phones while doing some essentials, but trust us, it affects you and your addiction pretty much.
  3. Remove excess apps. Please, do not install a lot of games on your cell phone. Whenever you have a free moment, you'll start playing and being obsessed with games. Try your best to delete your games or at least, reduce their number on your device.
  4. Keep a low charge battery. Yes, indeed, keep it low. Why? Only because you'll spend much lesser time using apps, playing games, and just staring at the screen.
  5. Try to enjoy the reality, not the phone. We are into photography, yes, and we do like taking photos while walking. But really, try to lower this hobby. Try to go to the park enjoying that you are actually walking without taking pictures every single minute and spending your downtime sitting in the park editing them.



Well, we do hope you will rethink your life because trust us, these tech-devices significantly influence our health, activity, soundness, and lifetime in general.

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