Save Your Money! Tips On How To Highlight Hair At Home In A Safe And Effective Way

Date August 15, 2018 19:39

Every woman once in a while craves to change something about her hair. Some opt for a different hairstyle, while others want to experiment with their hair color. But dyeing your hair at the salon can be very expensive, especially if you're not sure if you'll like the finished result. We suggest looking into options of how you can refresh your look at home and pick a hair color, which would help you appear younger.

Hair colors for younger look

Let's start by determining what color you should go for in order to achieve your desired look. If you want to look younger, best option is to go with warm blonde balayage or ombré. You can try something golden, like Sarah Jessica Parker's hair: It makes her features appear softer and warms up her face.


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Another option is something similar to Jane Fonda's style. Her highlights are more prominent, but it still creates the overall soft look you should be aiming for.


Now, let's move on to coloring.

Tips for dyeing your locks

We're going to review basic steps and technique for giving yourself ombré highlights in a safe and careful manner. 

1. Choose your bleach kit and right brushes

Whether your hair is dark or on a lighter side, you'll need to lift color from strands of your hair, which you're planning on coloring. There are many bleach kits out there with detailed instructions, so be careful when picking out the right one for your hair. Don't forget to do an allergy test and use gloves when working with bleach.


The brush will come with a kit, but you also need a spooley like the one that comes with your mascara to blend in the product. You can also use a spare toothbrush to achieve that effect.

2. Do the strand test

Before working with your entire head, do a test with bleach on one of your strands. This will help you to determine how to better apply bleach and if the color lifts well from your hair. Once you have your technique down and you like the result, you can move on to other locks.

3. Applying the product

Moving onto applying the bleach on the sections you're planning to highlight. Determine which locks are face-framing and work your way down from the top. It's advised to pick no more than one inch strands for around your face, and half an inch for other parts of your head. Don't be too precise, good highlights don't come in the same size or placement.

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4. Re-moisturize your hair

After lifting color from your hair it can be a bit dry. Try using a treatment conditioner to add the moisture back and help your locks feel better.

5. Tone away

When bleaching is done, just add the color you picked out to your light strands and work it the same way you did with the bleach. It's also advised to use toning shampoo after you're finished dyeing your hair for a shinier effect.

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To foil or not to foil?

You've most certainly heard about using foil when highlighting your hair. While this technique works well, you need to be careful with it as it's used to help color develop faster. If you're not yet experienced with lightening your hair, it might be tricky to pinpoint the time you should leave the foil on.

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We suggest starting with hair painting. Work with little strands and carefully color them with a brush, which is also known as the balayage technique. Maybe you'll get more comfortable in time to try foiling for a faster effect.

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Feeling inspired yet? We hope these tips will help you to achieve the look you've always dreamt about.

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