This Facial Massage May Save You From Acne In Just 4 Steps

Date July 23, 2018

Every woman wants to look beautiful and perfect. But sometimes, acne on our face makes us feel upset about the way we look. Fortunately, there is one solution that might put an end to all our problems: the face massage.

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The facialist Sadie Adams says:

Facial massage reduces excess fluid, relieves tension, and boosts circulation.

There are several steps for doing the face massage correctly:

Define jawline

To do this, just pinch the skin along the jawline with your index fingers and thumbs. Such moves are able to reduce the congestion in the skin tissue.

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Lift your cheekbones

The next step is to push up under the cheekbones from the center of the face out toward the temples.

De-puff eyes

After you are done, just press and lift along your brow bone from the inner to outer corners of eyes.

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Soften lines

And the last step is very easy - use three middle fingers to draw small circles from the center of your forehead out to the sides of your face.


Why is it so important? Sadie Adams gives the answer:

This reduces tension, which can minimize lines from facial movements, like frowning.

This type of massage is really helpful for those people who have acne. Moreover, the good massage may lower the stress level and keep acne-causing hormones in check.

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