Woman With The Largest Natural Hips In The World Is So Giant She Has To Buy Two Seats On A Plane

Date February 28, 2019

This woman wants to have the biggest hips in the world and is ready to do everything possible.

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Her supersized hips made her rather popular not only in the neighborhood, but also around the world, and the woman already has fans from everywhere.

And even though doctors warn that her habits are the ticking time bomb, she is not going to stop. Her goal is to set a new world record, and she is waiting until this moment.

Woman with the world's biggest hips

Mikel Ruffinelli from Los Angeles has the world's biggest hips, and she has become a real Internet sensation. Her 100-inch hips are so wide it is impossible for her to fit through the doorways.

The woman claims her hips are completely natural, and she has no desire to lose weight, as her giant hips make her look gorgeous.

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By the way, Mikel Ruffinelli is also a devoted mother of four wonderful children. Since 2002, she is married to Reggie Brooks and is happy to have a loving family that always supports her no matter what.

Mikel Ruffinelli has the world's biggest hips, and she is genuinely proud of them and has no desire to lose weight.

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