Face Mapping: What Are Your Spots Telling You About Your Health?

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October 4, 2018 18:33 By Fabiosa

Of course, every woman wants to have a beautiful skin, free of acne and other flaws. But unfortunately, the reality is not perfect, and many of us suffer from various skin defects. According to the Medical News Today, around 80% of adults are affected by acne.

But it turned out that local acne is caused by poor health in different parts of our bodies. Acne face mapping really works, and it helps to identify weaknesses in our health.

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On the illustration below, we can see the detailed description of each zone, and its connection with the parts of our body. As reported by Annmarie, there are several basic acne areas, which can determine whether we have any problems with our health.

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Acne in this zone is linked to the digestive system and can be an indicator that a person has a hard time breaking down certain foods.

Between the brows

Unhealthy and fast food can be a reason for pimples in this area. So, the best solution is to lead healthy lives.

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Pimples here can indicate that you consume too much sugar. The only way to avoid this problem is to cut it back for a certain amount of time.


Acne appears here because of your hormones. Try to eat food that can regulate natural hormone cycle. Also, try not to rest your chin in your hands when tired or bored.

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Types of acne

According to the Medical News Today, there are several types of acne:


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Small, whitish or flesh-colored spots or bumps.


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Small, black or dark-colored spots.


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Bumps under the skin's surface.


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Bumps with a defined circular center.


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Inflamed lumps located deep within the skin.


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Red or white lumps situated deep in the skin.

Acne face mapping is really helpful and can determine whether you have certain health problems.

Source: PositiveMed, Medical News Today, Annmarie

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