Mom Slammed For Turning Her 1-Year-Old Into An Instagram Influencer Says: "This Is A Business!"

Date December 6, 2018 11:32

Ever heard of the term social media influencer? The internet has ushered in the era of a new kind of celebrity — someone who is famous for being famous online.

Mom Slammed For Turning Her 1-Year-Old Into An Instagram Influencer Says: "This Is A Business!"iconogenic /

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What influencers really do

These online creatures called influencers have the power to affect the purchase decisions of others and often control a large following in their specific niches.


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For most parents who join the bandwagon by opening Instagram accounts for their kids, their motivations could range from trying to make people laugh to inspiring their followers.

Stacey's 1-year-old is cashing in big time

But for Stacey Woodhams, who lives with her family in Brentwood, her sole aim is to make her 1-year-old son an influencer.


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She has reportedly accumulated £10,000 worth of freebies for Ralphie and banned family members from sharing photos of him because she wants to protect his brand. He’s already gotten about 15,000 followers.

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Stacey has been mercilessly trolled for her parenting choice and, in response to her critics, she is defending her decision as strictly business and raising awareness about mental health:

What I do doesn’t define me as a mom and people should think carefully before commenting as suicide happens because of online trolls, and they’re factoring into that pool of online abuse and it’s just nasty and could be detrimental if the receiving person wasn’t in the right frame of mind.

She also added:

It sounds awful referring to him as a brand because he is a human and a child, but essentially, the name that we have created is a business.

Double standards?

She’s also calling her trolls out for double standards.


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According to her logic, if Kim Kardashian can get away with doing it, why is she getting attacked?

But people are majorly critical of her decision to exploit Ralphie's image without his consent. Does Stacey have a point?

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