Home, Sewer Home: Couple Transformed An Abandoned Sewer Tunnel Into A Cozy Home And Live There For Over 20 Years

Date October 9, 2019 13:55

Imagine living in a home that has no running water, no bathroom, and is less than 100 square feet. Oh, and it’s underground too. That’s exactly how Miguel Restrepo and his wife, Maria Garcia, have been living for 24 years.

Home, sewer home!

They met on the streets of Medellin, Colombia when their lives were on the verge of irreparable disaster, but together they found the strength to persevere and start a new life together.

With no friends or family to give them shelter or any monetary help, they made a sewer their home.

They fixed up their modest dwelling with a little kitchen, a bed, chair, electricity so they can watch TV. Furthermore, Restrepo and Garcia somehow managed to fit a small cupboard and a small burner stove inside.

Their sewer home is only 6 square meters big. It’s also only 1.3 meters tall, which is not even big enough for the couple to stand upright in their own home. Yet, they make it work. They also have a small light and a few obscure decorations in attempt to make the sewer feel like a real, cozy home.

It's here that they overcame substance abuse, gave a new direction to their lives and their love for each other grew stronger.

They also share the home with a dog named Blackie.

Restrepo and Garcia have been living in this sewer ever since, and have no intention of leaving it.

What sounds like a nightmare to any average homeowner is actually a happy home to this couple.

"You have to sow in order to reap,”

- the man explains.

“If one conducts oneself well, his life is good. If one conducts oneself bad, his life is bad.”

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Home, Sewer Home: Couple Transformed An Abandoned Sewer Tunnel Into A Cozy Home And Live There For Over 20 YearsSAYAN MOONGKLANG /

One person wrote:

" how did he manage to put bed n stove down there. god bless him."

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"This is a beautiful story"

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"He looks funny popping out from the ground. LoL, but he is happy. God bless him."

"He looks comfy there "

Believe it or not, they're a happy family as they have something bigger than a house, they have love!