NSW Woman Died After Gastric Balloon Surgery To Fix Her Obesity

Date June 1, 2018

An NSW woman lost her life after opting for gastric balloon surgery in a bid to control her weight. Margaret “Margot” Pegum, 68, had operations done in April and June of 2015. The operations were successful, but soon after, she began vomiting.

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Eventually, she had to undergo emergency surgery at Prince of Wales Hospital to determine the cause of her vomiting. Doctors then found out that Pegum had a 1,9-in (5 cm) hole on her stomach wall. The gastric balloon was also removed during the procedure.

Besides the best efforts of doctors, Pegum’s condition only deteriorated further. By July 5, she was suffering from multiple organ failure and sepsis. All hope for a full recovery at the time had been laid aside. Pegum was then put on palliative care to ensure that she was comfortable for the remaining time she had.

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An inquest into the death of Margaret “Margot” Pegum is underway to determine the circumstances that led to her death. On Tuesday, Pegum’s son, James Pegun, spoke about his mother and her reason for opting for the surgery.

While speaking to the press, Mr. Pegum called the incident a “surgical mishap” and was not keen on trading blame. Dr. George Marinos, the surgeon who performed the operation, confessed that he informed Pegum about the potential risk involved and she accepted them. A court inquiry determined that the doctor’s consultation notes were “scant.

Mr. Pegum said his mother hoped to lose weight so she could live long enough to see her grandchildren grow. Sadly, she did not.

She would have been a great grandmother, ... it’s been pretty harrowing for all of our family.

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Obesity is still a big problem in developed parts of the world and continues to claim the lives of millions of people each year. But there are simple ways to avoid it.

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Healthy living and balanced diets go a long way. Also, simple everyday exercise routines keep obesity at bay.

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As for people who have a natural propensity to gain weight, alternative theraphies may provide a far less risky solution when compared to surgery.

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