How To Make It Comfortable: Let Your Breasts Forget About Pain And Wear The Bra Correctly

Date May 4, 2018

Your bra is more than just a holder for your breasts. With the variety of different styles and designs, it is possible to find almost anything today. However, even the perfectly suited bra can be a pain in the breast if you wear it incorrectly.

Choose it properly

Comfort should be an integral part of choosing the underwear. The right size and model should correspond to your breasts and make you forget about the difficulties of wearing your bra.

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It must never squeeze your breasts. Women with a large size should consider choosing wide straps, as the thin ones will crash into the skin. It is advisable to stay in a bra no more than 7-8 hours a day. If you take it off and notice painful red traces, it means you should either change it or learn how to wear it correctly.

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Comfortable wearing

For the first time, adjust the shoulder straps to full length and fasten the bra on the middle hook, so you will have a free space if the body position changes. Lean forward and place the breasts in the cups.

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Close the bra on the middle clasp and stand straight. Manually adjust the position of the breast in the cups. Do this so that the cup is completely filled, and the nipples are in the center. Holding the underwire or the base of the cups bend slightly and move the bra from left to right.

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Straighten up. In a properly selected model, the breasts fit perfectly into the cups and rise a bit. Check if the chest suits perfectly in the armpits area. Push on the underwire or the base of the cups – they should be placed on the breasts, not on the chest. The breasts in the bra should always be in the center, and its belt should be parallel to the floor. Adjust the straps length until you are comfortable.

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Remember, if put on properly, your breasts must support the bra belt, and the straps act only as additional help.

Breast cancer issue

Breast cancer is, unfortunately, a common problem in American society. However, the truth about the disease is that up to 85% lumps found in women aren’t cancerous.

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Therefore, if detected in the early stages and treated properly, the breast cancer can be eradicated successfully. The only important thing to remember is advice the doctor as soon as you feel discomfort in your breasts, especially when wearing a bra.

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