Wearing This Type Of Underwear Can Aggravate Your Intimate Health During The Periods

Date May 4, 2018 11:07

Many women consider thongs comfortable and fashionable, while men adore females with this type of underwear. However, nothing comes without cost, and sometimes you have to pay for the style with your precious health. Moreover, your periods can only exacerbate the bacterial situation and make the things worse.

Underwear issue

Your vaginal flora is extremely vulnerable to the bacteria spreading. By wearing wrong underwear (or wearing it incorrectly), you are subjected to catching the annoying infection. One of the easiest ways to do this is by constantly having non-breathable materials on.

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The moisture that accumulates in the intimate zone creates a perfect environment for spreading some of the most common bacterial and yeast infections, particularly bacterial vaginosis. Moreover, thongs expose the area around your vulva and rectum to external irritations especially. /

However, it depends on whether the person is subjected to infections or not; in case your disease history is empty, the chance of wearing this type of underwear and catching an infection is small.

Thongs problem

During your periods, the vaginal secretion moisture levels provide even more comfortable environment for the infections’ development.

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Your pH level tends to increase because the blood gets into those areas, giving the bacteria bigger chances of growing. As thongs expose your skin to extra irritation, this means there is better opportunity to catch the infection.

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Luckily, it all depends on a person's immunity. If you didn’t have a lot of vaginal diseases in your past, you can wear the thongs during the periods without extra fear.

How long?

Even though you are lucky enough to have a possibility to wear thongs days and nights, it is not recommended to put on this type of underwear too often.

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Thongs create perfect conditions for E. coli bacteria to travel from your rectum to vulva, causing various vaginal infections. This is the main reason your most appealing underwear should be on you only during special occasions.

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Take care of your body and don’t neglect the health of your intimate zone – this can be highly dangerous if not looked after properly.

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