How To Repel Bees From Your Home Without Killing Them

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September 19, 2018 13:54 By Fabiosa

Bees are incredibly important for our planet. Most ecosystems wouldn't exist without bees acting as natural pollinators. They also make one of nature's most nutritious and tasty foods.

Reality check: bees are dying out 

Bees are now threatened with extinction. Causes include widespread pesticide use, climate change, invasive species, diseases, and habitat loss.

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According to the British Beekeepers Association, between April 2015 to April 2016 alone, beekeepers in the United Kindom reported losing 44 percent of their bee colonies.

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Get rid of bees without hurting them

Bee populations are facing increasing problems in the United States due to Colony Collapse Disorder. They might invade your home and appear to be a threat to your family and pets, but killing them is not necessary.

You can consult professional bee removers or use these tips to help you repel them.

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1. Find the hive and destroy it so the bees need to relocate.

2. Find a professional beekeeper who can eliminate bees without any damage.

3. Smoke and incense can be used to remove bees from their hives.

4. Use a soapy solution to drive away the bees.

5. Burn wood or paper under the beehive at night-time to smoke them out.

6. Remove all things that could attract bees such as fake flowers.

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Help save the bees

The bee population is dwindling thanks to human negligence. But we can save them by making a little effort.

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Avoid using any chemical pesticides on plants in your garden. Plant bee-friendly plants. Even if you just have a small balcony, you can put a little water pot for the bees to drink from during of summer.

We can all be a solution to the problem. Save the bees and BEE-A-SAVER!

Have you had a bee problem? What's your strategy? Be sure to comment down below!

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