Are Big Calves And Ankles Ruining Your Summer Style? Here's How To Slim Them Down Without Trying Too Hard

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May 21, 2018 17:59 By Fabiosa

As summer approaches, the need to put on fewer clothes becomes unavoidable. Mainly because the heat demands it, and because we just want to show as much skin as society considers modest.

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Summer body

Naturally, the dresses get considerably shorter. But, it is exactly for this reason that the summer months can be unpleasant.

Women who do not have ‘beach bodies’, shy away from taking off their layers of clothing. And, for women who have big calf bones/legs, this can mean covering everything or throwing caution to the wind and showing their God-given legs anyway.

How to pull off big calves

Self-love is certainly the way to go, but showing off those beautiful calves requires some skill. To make summer work for them, here are a few tricks to keep in mind:

Pick nude shoes

The trick is simple. Matching shoes and skin color makes the leg appear longer.

Pointy toes are great

Naturally, pointy toes visually elongate the legs where round toe shoes make the legs look shorter.

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Wide hemlines are magic

Narrow hemlines will emphasize the lower body where A-lines will make the legs look narrower.


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Tall boots

These work to take attention all the way up from the ankles. Matching tall boots with socks or pants of the same color works even better.

Long pants

Think Hillary Clinton and the pantsuit revolution. A boot cut, wide leg pant in solid colors will go a long way. 


Pro Tips

Stay away from flats and ankle straps. The idea for summer is to live it up, have a variety of footwear to choose from, and have fun in the sun. But being free should not include wearing strappy espadrilles.

Instead of ankle straps, favor slingback shoes. This way the ankle is open and attention is kept away from potential trouble spots.

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