Betty White Refused To Retire. Could Such Decision Improve Your Health?

Date August 27, 2018

Retirement may indeed be a terrifying word for many people. However, some cannot wait to finally have a well-deserved rest. But who’s right? Recent studies show that retirement can actually cause huge harm to your health. And apparently, Betty White, one of the longest living actresses and TV entertainers, is living proof of the scientific discovery.


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Betty won't quit

For almost 80 years, Betty White has been doing the thing she loves the most, and the comedian is not going stop any time soon. She remains positive and active despite her age:

Why should I retire from something I love so much? I’m blessed with good health; I’m blessed with being invited to participate in television, so why should I say, ‘No, no, I’m retiring’. To do what?

And indeed, let’s face it, most people retire after their 60s and do absolutely nothing with their lives. They lead a sedentary lifestyle, watch TV, and basically are pretty miserable. But according to researchers, it’s not because of their age!


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How retirement can affect your health?

Professor Cary Cooper claims the numbers aren’t very pleasing. According to statistics, the retirees have around 40% decline in short-term memory due to the lack of social and physical activity. Do you remember that movement is life? Apparently, science agrees with this saying.

We know the more cognitively active you are, the more it offsets the risk of dementia. The most important thing is to interact with people. /

Of course, it has been considered for a long period of time that staying active and leading a healthy diet are two main components of good health. However, recently, it became known that retirement itself might lead to the deterioration of one’s health. Apparently, giving up work can harm you in a way you couldn’t even imagine. European Journal of Epidemiology states that verbal memory also deteriorates 38% faster in retired people.

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How to prevent memory decline?

Having a sharp mind is probably one of the most important things when it comes to aging. In order to maintain it, you don’t necessarily have to work until you die. There are lots of engaging activities that you can do. Just strive to have more fun, as it drives your body and brain. Biking, hiking, drawing, singing, jogging, dancing – you can do it all!

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It’s not too late to take care of yourself to improve the quality of your life and experience genuine happiness. Stay healthy!

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