Show Must Go On! Teen Who Weighed Nearly 400 Pounds Loses Weight And Shares Her Success With Media

Date October 31, 2018 15:38

Jenna Winchester weighed 368 lbs at the age of 17. She was seriously overweight, and it caused a vast number of judgments, offenses, biases, and dismissive attitude both from peers and family.

I grew up with worst parents. My father was narcissists, and he would make fun of me. He'd crack jokes about my weight issue and body image. 


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Due to such situations, Jenna turned to food once she felt sad or anxious, and she couldn't stop eating in such shattering moments. 

I even dropped out of school being afraid of someone making fun of me. I didn't go outside; I was also concerned to go to the nearest grocery store.

And only when Jenna couldn't fit into her car and seat the belt, something clicked in her head about the urge to change and lose weight.


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Oh, be prepared to see this a-m-a-z-i-n-g transformation!

Two days after her 17th birthday, Miss Winchester began her long, exhausting, but necessary journey. 

I just woke up one day and thought. It is time to change.

At first, Jenna cut out soda drinks and replaced them by water. She put cucumber or mint to add a flavor to it; she ate a lot of vegetables and salads. At this time, her parents had a new puppy that became a motivation for her to walk daily. Though it was difficult for her to do any physical exercises, she tried some, like jumping. 

I struggled a lot. My whole body hurt, and I was out of breath constantly. It was probably a month before I started to feel better and it got easier.


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Jenna joined the gym and now goes to training every single day except for holidays. Even though she doesn't have a specific diet, she learned how to listen to her own body. 

And voila, in less than 2 years, she lost 200 pounds! 200, people! However, she has excess skin which needs to be removed via surgery.

Having all of this extra skin is so frustrating.  I will look in the mirror and see my arm jiggle, and I feel like I am being thrown back into being almost 400 pounds.


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Oh, girl, it's nothing compared to what you've achieved so far!

I have changed so much. I feel like I am a completely different person. I realized I can do anything.


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Meet the other partner in weight-loss

Now and then we have moments that make us think about changing appearance. A lot of people lost weight for a specific reason or due to severe health issues. 

One of such inspiring girl, Danielle French, decided to lose weight before her wedding because she wanted to look stunning instead of being Big Bride. Being inspired by thousands of girls on Instagram, she decided to make a significant transformation in her life. And it turned out to be just wow!


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We can't express the happiness we feel toward such people as Jenna and Danielle. Everybody can do it, even if it seems like hell. Just believe in yourself and just do it! 

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