Obsession With No Brakes! Woman Modified Herself With More Than 100 Lip Fillers & Still Continues Doing So

Date March 7, 2019

The most intoxicating drug of all to women is feeling beautiful. The sensual power boosts their confidence and gives them control over others' perspectives to treat them well. But, some of them get the idea entirely wrong. 


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Beauty never competes for standards but it molds them around it. The society still dictates some general facial aspects to be attractive in a lady, like fuller lips, broader eyes and lifted cheek-bones. The cosmetic industry has introduced plastic surgeries to achieve them. However, rather than a remedy, it has become an epidemic.


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Girl with extreme lip fillers mania 

Beauty standards are not only socially elevated, but they also grow from personal preference. Anything a person believes to be best for him/her can differ from common norms. So, here goes another one!

In 2011, then 21, Kristina Rei was surely convinced that her thin lips are undermining her looks. Inspired by her favorite cartoon character, Jessica Rabbits she decided to enlarge them surgically. But once, she started an addiction grew on. Up until 2017, she has received more than 100 lip fillers, augmenting her mouth beyond natural views.


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Each one cost her around $60 so, nothing about her craze is easily maintained. She told Daily Mail UK, how she is perceived by on-lookers:

I think I look fantastic and it makes me happy. Sometimes strangers shout names at me in the street - like big lips - but I don't care. 


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Other girls who went too far with their modifications 

The lip injections have become a contagious frenzy. Many social media models have transformed themselves beyond recognition. Their doll-like faces look far from human features. It's hard to be sure if it was their initial goal after all or just a blunder of over-doing the deed.


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Whether we approve it or not, there seems to be no way to contain this addiction. Yup, no rehabs for fuller lips! Share this and let us know if you have an antidote for this insanity!

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