Abracadabra! Woman Over 60 Looks 15 Years Younger After An Unbelievable Makeover

Date December 4, 2018 17:32

It's no secret that one must feel beautiful to be their best and impress others. It is believed that people even treat you differently if you show up all dressed up! Yes, bad but it's true!

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If we don't focus on the latter, the former reason is enough for ladies to polish themselves for their own satisfaction. Good looks give a headstart in society and boost confidence. From nails to strands of hair, every feature is a style statement itself. Natural appearance is widely advocated and adopted. But there is nothing bad in trying out the coat of glamour. Bring out the inner diva!


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Age shouldn't be an excuse if a lady wants to feel attractive. The canvas just gets wide to paint out with more colors and skills!

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The magic makeover

The famed makeup consultant, Anar Agakishiev, has a magic wand to make anyone's beauty pop out from their years. He has left everyone stunned by morphing a senior woman in her late sixties into an ultimate red carpet celebrity.   


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The woman had coarse skin that definitely needed work before starting out. Her hair also seemed not to be taken care of. The souvenirs of age in the shape of eye bags, wrinkles, and solid fine lines could be a great struggle. But the artist might have said; Challenge accepted!

Abracadabra! Woman Over 60 Looks 15 Years Younger After An Unbelievable Makeoveranar_agakishiev / Instagram

No one can keep from dropping their jaw over this transformation. From an oldie to goldie, the lady was astonishing morphed into a beauty queen. Her eye makeup did justice to the rest of her features. We hope paparazzi leave her alone!


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Other surprising makeovers 

Anar Agakishiev conducts makeup master classes and seminars in Spain, Germany, and Italy, and in a short time, he has become an expert in this field. So, it's obvious that he is a favorite of ladies around the world. And for a good reason! He has touched the lives of many senior women. Making their days better and brighter by giving them another chance at elegant grace that was lost over time.


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