Is It Hard To Move On? How Long You Should Wait To Find Love Again After A Break Up

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April 12, 2019 10:12 By Fabiosa

In the movies, it is always portrayed that love is enough to get through any obstacle. In real life, it takes much more to maintain a relationship. No destiny will bring you back every time and no thread will keep you bound unless you, yourself intend to stay together. 

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It's important to know when to give up and not to rely on the magic of love to heal. Sure, it does work mostly but, not entirely. Sometimes it may hurt more than the love is worth. When the logical aspects are revealed, a separation becomes inevitable. Other than that, splits like divorce and losing a partner by death are also painful. But, it's never okay to be damaged by it for too long.

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After how long is it good to move on?

It is not healthy for a human being to be lonely. Everyone needs contact, companionship, and connection. Good Morning Britain debated over the topic and tried to help the ones who are finding it hard to move on. People often feel guilty about searching for a new love interest.

The guest, Jack Tweed lost his wife, Jade Goody to cancer when he was just 21. He explained how she would've wanted him to be happy but, he just can't.

Jack dated many women after her but, it was only to replace Jade which turned out to be really toxic. It was then revealed that a person should wait almost 18 months after a break-up or a partner's demise. This way his/her former lover tends to be no longer a comparison for the new ones.

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How to cope after losing someone?

There is no exact cure for a broken heart but, one should at least let the mind feel fresh. The trauma can be healed by self-treatment. Here are some suggested ways to do that:

  • Develop new hobbies and start yourself on things you haven't tried before
  • don't stalk your ex or revisit the memories over and over again
  • get rid of everything that reminds you of the one that got away
  • don't bottle up your feelings and express them frequently.

It's certainly not an overnight process but, it can still make a difference. If the load is too heavy to handle on your own, get in contact with a grieving counselor. Share this and know your heart has so much love to give.

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