Anthony Sukto Got Stabbed By His Father, But Found Forgiveness In His Heart

Date September 24, 2018 18:48

On October 22, 2004, 8-year-old Anthony Sukto was inches away from losing his life after his father, Tony Sukto, stabbed him and left him to die. Tony was under the influence of amphetamines and hallucinating when the incident occurred. 

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911's recording revealed that Anthony first attacked his wife with a butcher knife and then turned on his own son, stabbing him six times in the face, chest, and arms. Eventually, he walked away from the scene, assuming that both Anthony and his wife were dead.

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Thankfully, Anthony survived and called 911. Emergency services rushed to the small house on Forest Road in Tillicum, Washington, where Anthony and his family lived, and got him to the hospital. The police officer who was at the scene, Mark Eakes, told People that he found it hard to believe Anthony would survive.

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Anthony was covered in blood. I remember throwing up a prayer. I’ve seen people die in front of me, and he just looked like he was on his way out.

Tony punctured his son’s liver, but thanks to the good doctor and a life-saving surgery, Anthony survived. Sadly, his mother was not so lucky. She passed away after the stabbing incident.

The power of forgiveness is real

Coping with the loss of both parents came with a downside. Anthony battled sadness and depression for several years, and have experienced episodes of rage. Despite his feelings, Anthony forgave his father. And he hopes to see his father when he is on parole.

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Once he’s on parole, I would actually love to sit down and talk to him. You know, I’m sure he doesn’t know that I still forgive him and I love him, and I just want to tell him that.

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A tragedy that involves a murder of the loved one by a family member can be hard to overcome, but Anthony is living proof of the power of forgiveness.

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Anthony’s life was in shambles after the incident. Losing a mother was hard. Tony was sentenced to 27 years in prison. In addition, he was barred from making contact with his son. Anthony’s maternal aunt and uncle took him in and moved to Florida, and then – to Texas.

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Children need to know how to react in emergencies

Anthony was only 8, but his quick thinking saved his own life. Knowing to call 911 as soon as he got a chance was a very smart move. Teaching children how to call emergency services and explaining the situation to them is crucial.

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Practice calling 911 with young children using an old phone that does not connect to any network, or get a dummy phone that has clear numbers written on it. Also, get children familiar with the cell phones' interface, even if they do not have one of their own.

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Fire, medical emergency, car accident, and stranger danger are some of the most popular instances of people needing to call 911. The more children are aware of these dangers, the higher the chances of saving a life, or even several lives.

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