Woman Decided To Lose Weight Before Her Wedding: After The Stunning Transformation She Has Tons Of Followers Now

Date October 4, 2018 18:58

Shedding those extra pounds of fat off the body has always been on our to-do-list. Hilariously, the motivation for that runs from us more than we run ourselves, on treadmills. Somehow, wedding day could be a huge push through for a few people. 


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Easy ways to lose weight

These tips can easily fit into your lifestyle and can become regular habits:

  • move more, try to walk whenever possible. Even standing 20 minutes in an hour can make a difference;
  • while consuming processed food, study which ingredients are harmful to your health and can contribute to excess weight;
  • learn different recipes for nutritious meals. You will be surprised at how many deliciously healthy foods you can cook;
  • just take this information into account that you should stop eating 3-4 hours before going to sleep;
  • stay hydrated. Even kids know this rule, so do not forget about it.


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The woman who lost weight for her big day 

Danielle French, 28, was a size 18 and feared she would be a Big BrideHer ballooning weight made her unfit for any of the pretty clothes. She revealed to DailyMail Uk:

I just wanted to lose weight before I got married so I could try any beautiful wedding dress on without hating everything I put on my body.

She started looking through Instagram accounts and there were so many inspiring girls that had lost weight. So, Daniella decided to create her own account to document her weight loss journey and keep herself motivated.


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It took her a year to get to her goal weight and she was able to walk down the aisle at Wentworth Castle as a size six. She admitted that now she has found her love for shopping and fashion again. Her confidence is also shooting through the ceiling.


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She is a happy wife now with tons of fans following her path. From size 18 to 6, Woahh! Such an amazing girl!

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Another inspiring story of dropping weight

Izzie East, 23 was too obese to even fit in an airplane seat. She used to heavily consume takeaways and alcohol before she even hit the age of 18.  It resulted for her body to be a UK size 18.


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Her fiancé, Nath, always made her feel comfortable in her own skin. But she knew she needed to do something before her health risks start. Izzie had to wear big sizes and hated it, she revealed to Mirror Uk:

I somehow started to feel disgusting and uncomfortable in my skin and shy to go and see friends or go out for meals with my fiancé.


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In the next ten months, her efforts miraculously made her a size 8. She felt amazing. Got body confidence to wear even a bikini on holidays and sport fitted clothes.

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