Goggles, Dreadlocks, And Love For Techno: Who Are Cybergoths And What Are Their Features?

Date January 21, 2019

Many parents go through a period when their teenage children try to identify with a certain youth subculture and drastically change their appearance and behavior. It’s not unusual, as in such a way, adolescents explore who they are and who they want to be in an adult form.


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Most of the time, belonging to a subculture is a passing phase. Earlier, punks, arty types or geeks were popular. But now, the 21st-century subcultures include goths, gamers, and hipsters, among others.


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One of the most interesting types is, perhaps, cybergoths

What is the difference between goths and cybergoths, you may ask? Well, the latter look up to their role model, but they love colors, techno, disco, industrial music, internet, and technology. They find inspiration in paintings, films, short stories, and cyberpunk genre of science fiction.


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How do they look like?

As for the clothes, cybergoths prefer dressing up in black and white. But they combine it with one more bright or neon color. Often, they wear high platform shoes, fishnet stockings, and goggles, which have already become a recognizable feature of the subculture.


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When it comes to hair, cybergoths dye it and prefer having dreadlocks that can be made from real or synthetic hair or even plastic and cables! And since they want their skin to resemble life spent inside, young people tend to wear light foundation.

Add eyeliner and glittery elements – and the look is ready!


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Cybergoths surely have a lot of off trends. But children and teenagers like doing crazy things and taking risks even when they don’t belong to some subculture. Take, for example, one of the latest trends – wavy brows.


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What do you think, does it make a person look more interesting?

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