"He Is The Inspiration": 8-Year-Old Boy Has A Genetic Condition Which Leaves Him Stuck In The 'Body And Mind Of A Baby'

Date July 26, 2019 15:57

Usually, when a parent receives the devastating news that their child has a health condition, they do what they can to learn all about the illness in hopes of making the right decisions for the child.

"He Is The Inspiration": 8-Year-Old Boy Has A Genetic Condition Which Leaves Him Stuck In The 'Body And Mind Of A Baby'Iatsenko Olga /

But what happens when there's no diagnosis to go on?

What is SWAN?

With thousands of recorded conditions out there, it's hard to believe that there are still some people with illnesses that do not have a name. This is where the term SWAN comes in.

According to UndiagnosedOrg, SWAN is an acronym for "syndromes without a name." This term is used when a child or young adult has a genetic condition and despite several testings, medical practitioners cannot identify the genetic cause. Summarily, SWAN refers to undiagnosed or unknown genetic conditions and disorders.

Dylan's story

The Myers family are no strangers to this concept as young Dylan fights a daily battle with an unidentifiable condition. Anyone who sees the boy will automatically assume he's a normal two-year-old, whereas he's actually eight.

The young boy has a condition that comes under the umbrella term 'SWAN'. Since he was born, it has been one hospital visit after another. He's about 2 feet, 8 inches tall and only weighs a little over 26 pounds.

According to mom Danielle, who spoke to TheJC, Dylan experiences constant pain but the scariest thing about his condition is that he stops breathing several times a day.

Dylan is non-verbal and also suffers other conditions including a growth delay, hearth problems, immune deficiency, and high blood pressure.

Unconditional love

While Dylan may require constant help, his mom, dad and sister have continued to love and support him.

Danielle said;

He is still my baby, I still pick him up as he has the mindset and the body of a baby.

She told EssexLive that her son is very lovable and people describe him as "cheeky."

For me, my husband and daughter, he is the inspiration, the reason to go on every day

The Myers family takes each day at a time when it comes to Dylan's health. Even though the boy may face constant rough patches when it comes to his health, there's no doubt that he's surrounded by a strong and loving family.