Grandpa Records Hilarious Prank Message Before He Passed Away, Giving His Grieving Family Something To Laugh About At His Funeral

Date October 15, 2019

Generally, uncontrollable laughter and tears of sadness don't go hand in hand. But one grandpa has managed to make such a thing possible. And the internet is hailing his genius.

Grandpa Records Hilarious Prank Message Before He Passed Away, Giving His Grieving Family Something To Laugh About At His FuneralYanLev /

Funerals are usually a very sad time. People come together to say goodbye to the one they've lost. The day is filled with loved ones and family members reminiscing about the good times they had with the deceased and what a sad thing it is that he/she is gone.

However, one man wanted to ensure that it wasn't all tears and sorrow when his family prepared to bury him.

Message from the grave

In a video that has gone viral, an Irish man named Shay was being laid to rest and his family and friends gathered around his casket to say their goodbyes.

However, a voice came out of nowhere leaving everyone shocked and confused. The man who was supposed to be dead could be heard saying, "Hello?" accompanied by a loud banging which seemed to be coming from the casket.

Now you can imagine how petrified everyone must have been for a second. But it turned out that the grandpa who passed away had recorded this message before he died as a fun prank to be played at his funeral. The tears soon turned to laughter as Shay went on in the recording, "it's dark in here..." He continued:

Let me out. I can hear you! Is that the priest I can hear? I'm in the box, can you hear that?

Shay concluded the video by serenading the crowd towards the end.

Shay's wife Anne told BoredPanda that her husband made the recording over a year before the funeral. Only his closest family members were aware of its existence.

Anne described her husband as a "prankster" who loved to think outside the box and enjoyed making his family laugh.

He was a larger than life character and sadly missed by anyone who knew him.

Andrea Bradley, Shay's daughter, shared the video online and explained in the caption that this was her dad's dying wish. She appreciated her "Poppabear" for giving everyone a laugh "just when we needed it!"

People applauded the man

The hilarious video of Shay pranking his family one last time has gone viral online. With hundreds of thousands of views across different social media platforms, it's clear that people were eager to share this gem of a video.

Many people also reacted to the clip and couldn't hold back their laughter as well. They concluded that Shay must have been a really incredible man when he was alive and this was such a sweet way to send him off.

The grandpa was hailed for his sense of humor and selflessness in the way he wanted to keep his family laughing even at his funeral.

Judging from these words by the loved ones he left behind, and from his overall dedication to doing something so cool, there's no doubt that Shay was an awesome person to be around when he was alive. And this video of him will be cherished forever by those who cared for him.