How To Reduce Hay Fever Symptoms?

Date June 11, 2018

Welcome to summer allergy season! According to statistics, around 7.8% of people age 18 and over in the U.S. and one in five people in the UK are suffering from hay fever.

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The bad news is there is no cure, but the good news exists too: It is possible to reduce the symptoms. You can’t hide if you are affected – the itchy, watery eyes and sneezing, running nose will follow you everywhere.

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So, what can be done to reduce hay fever symptoms?

1. Watch the clock

It turns out that pollen levels are higher at certain parts of the day. On a typical summer day – dry, warm, and sunny – try to stay inside for the first half of the morning and later in the afternoon till the evening.

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2. Wash it off

Grass, plants, trees release microscopic grains. The wind carries them everywhere and they are easily inhaled by humans and pets. They also stick to everything they touch. So it will be a good idea to wash it all off when you get home by showering or changing your clothes.

3. Vacuum regularly

When hay fever is an issue, you’ve got to get that vacuum out as often as possible. A great way to prevent pollen accumulating inside the house is to vacuum it regularly and dust with a damp cloth. Also, try to keep windows and doors shot, if you can.

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Most common summer allergies

Pollen is the biggest culprit. The trees’ pollen fest usually ends by late spring, which makes grasses and weeds trigger summer allergies.

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The most common summer allergy trigger is ragweed. The wind can carry it for long distances, so it doesn’t matter if you live in the place where ragweed doesn’t grow. If you are allergic to it, it can make you feel bad.

And remember, when the weather is hot, humid, and windy – this is the time when the pollen count is very high. Rains, on the other hand, decrease pollen concertation, especially if it rains in the morning. So check the weather forecast and use our tips to enjoy summer as much as you can.

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