52-Year-Old Widow Gets Transformed Beyond Her Expectations: "That Doesn't Look Like Me At All"

Date November 4, 2019 18:22

Christopher Hopkins has the job of a beauty magician. Since the 1990s, he is offering revamping services to older women. Celebrated as the Makeover Guy, he specializes in keeping their image up-to-date.

What's more interesting? The style guru attends to emotional needs of a client too. Yeah, the classic therapy sessions at the salon!

Many ladies struggle to come off the grieving phase in their lives. There are several methods to cope with the loss of a loved one but, none are easy. The Makeover Guy doesn't provide the solution. However, he inspires women to begin the journey.

Rejuvenating transformation

Maggie Mezoroski from Florida was widowed at 52. Her husband was a police officer who passed away after retirement. She reached out to Christopher Hopkins at his studio in Minnesota to heal apparently and mentally.

The woman had gray roots and it was obvious how she ignored self-care. Her medium lengthed hair looked lifeless and frizzy. She felt like a 30-year-old but, her outlook was much older.

The Makeover Guy got to work and made good use of his skills. He turned her into a blond and modified her style with a clean hair-cut. She was also treated with subtle strokes of makeup.

After her redo, Maggie rejoiced and exclaimed:

That doesn't look like me at all. I look like my daughter.

Compliments poured in

@Natalie Hudson:

Oh Christopher, wow! What an amazing difference to her physical, and emotional self. She looks amazing. What you do changes peoples' lives for the better. Much love to you all. Xx


I am literally standing up, applauding. This is his best makeover!

@Adrien Gadson:

Looks like she's in her early 30's at the end.

@ Karen Fuller:

Absolutely wonderful. This may mark the beginning of her taking care of herself. I'm sure her husband would be glad she's happy.

Hats off to Christopher Hopkins, he is a master in his art. Much love to Maggie who is embracing her happiness again as a single woman. Share this and let us know if it touched your heart.

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