"I'm Flabbergasted": Woman Tired Of Looking Frumpy & Old Gets Her Hair Chopped Off To A Pixie Cut

Date October 28, 2019 10:34

If you're looking for some life-changing beauty tips and inspiration, Christopher Hopkins has got your back. He is a well-celebrated entertainer, cyber-star, author, and appearance aficionado.

Affectionately known as The Makeover Guy, he provides informative online content as well as exclusive makeover services.

Since the '90s, the style guru has floored the audiences with his dramatic transformations. He carefully identifies a woman's aura and lets it shine on the outside. His modifications are always in accordance with the client's personality. Hence, Christopher manages to bring out the best in every lady.

Eye-opening transformation

Mary from Greenfield, Minnesota reached out to The Makeover Guy. She had grown weary of coloring her hair with box dyes for the last 20 years. The woman wanted her gray locks to take over but, she didn't know how to. Her husband liked short hair on her and it was time, the wife grants him his wish. After all, it was their 27th wedding anniversary soon.

Christopher Hopkins chopped her long tresses to a trendy pixie-cut. He also bleached her locks hair to blond. Her makeup look made her seem youthful, fresh and confident. Mary felt sorry for not booking the appointment earlier. She exclaimed:

I'm flabbergasted with the outcome!

Compliments poured in

@Liberty Hussein:

One of the best makeovers yet. Not everyone could wear hair this short and look so glam. What a bone structure! Look at her eyes. Stunning.

@Rebecca Brown:

This lady appears at least 15 yrs younger and she is a beautiful lady.

@Lisa Ian:

Wow she looks gorgeous! She was pretty before, but with the short platinum blonde and soft toned make-up she is stunning. Her light brown eyes really stand out too. You and your team are amazing.

@Lili White:

From frumpy to flabbergasted (love that word). You look stunning in the new cut and color. And no more hair dye - yay!

We can't applaud Christopher enough for his makeup wonders. His skills and work ethics are unmatched. Cheers to Mary for adopting a trendy and stylish self. Share this and praise the gorgeous woman.