Worth It! 65-Year-Old Woman In Need Of Styling Gets A Classy Short-Bob To Revive Her Lost Youth

Date November 1, 2019 17:06

Christopher Hopkins has been serving women with the best transformations since 1990. He judges their profile by just reading the face and presents his clients with suitable beauty solutions.

Affectionately known as The Makeover Guy, his skills manage to surprise us every time.

He specializes in helping ladies ace their second act after the age of 45. Many products still target the youth and forget to provide better treatments for the oldies. Not Christopher Hopkins, he specifically attends senior women and revives their lost charm. Quite impressively so!

The right way to embrace the greys

Marcia from Midlothian, Illinois arrived at The Makeover Guy's studio in Minnesota. She hoped to look like her age which was 65. The lady felt like 25 but, her appearance was of 90. She also instructed not to color her hair. So, how could Christopher change her outlook without getting rid of the silver locks?

The style guru respected her wish and solely modified her through a trendy short-bob. He added volume in her tresses for a dramatic effect. Marcia was glamorized with subtle strokes of makeup too.

She totally loved her transformation and admitted she feels sophisticated, believable and beautiful.

People think she looks 20 years younger now

@Nancy Nicastri:

She looks about 20 years younger! Love the gray! The cut is perfect; as is the makeup!!!

@L McCauley:

Gorgeous, and wow you look a lot younger too. Love the cut.

@Kimberly Robinson:

She looks great! Her makeover is like night and day. I can hardly believe how terrific her hair looks after. It was so fine and limp when she walked in.

@Bavarian Wench:

I mean, WOW! THAT is one of the best makeovers I've ever seen!

Hats off to Christopher Hopkins, he did it again! Because of him, Marcia can now enjoy her younger self. She seems more confident and radiant. Share this and compliment the lady.

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