Tired Of Dyeing Her Hair, Woman Spends 20 Months Growing Out Her Natural Silver Hair And The Result Is Breathtaking

Date November 28, 2019

Going gray is not generally considered an attractive quality. Many women who reach this stage of their lives feel compelled to hide and change their natural hair color with the use of dyes.

In many cases, gray hair is synonymous with getting old and the hair dye market is thriving on the insecurities of some of these women who are just not ready to make the transition into "old" yet.

Regardless of their success, ambitions or intelligent, older women do feel the urge to cover up strands of gray hair as soon as they start to appear and this becomes a truly high-maintenance process.

The good news is that some women are choosing to break away from the shackles of constantly relying on coloring. And Jennifer Willits is one of them.

She talks about growing out gray hair

Growing grey hair out isn't always easy but the result is usually liberating and can be unexpectedly mindblowing.

In July 2019, Jennifer Willits shared a post on YouTube where she opened up about spending 20 months on growing out her natural silver hair color.

She shared tips on how to grow out gray hair gracefully and even talked about some of the products she used to style her gorgeous locks.

For a long time, Jennifer kept her hair mostly dark in order to hide her silver tresses because she didn't want to look old. But her decision to embrace her natural hue turned out to be the best thing ever.

Jennifer had no regrets about transitioning to silver hair. She revealed, in the video, that she got to experiment with different hairstyles and curls depending on her everyday mood.


Some people who were iffy about going gray were inspired by Jennifer's transformation and they generally praised her new looks.


You look stunning with the gray! It’s sad that more women don’t have your confidence and confuse youth with beauty!

Nelda Johnson:

Your hair is beautiful, I hope mine looks as good as yours.

GREAT expectations:

Fantastic!! I stopped dying my hair 5 weeks ago and I have 2 inches of white grey hair growth already. I'm anxious for the transition to be complete.

Yolanda Elias:

Loving your hair, I’m in transitioning too can’t wait for all the dye is cut off.

Jennifer Willits' silver-hair transformation has got to be one of the best we've seen. We love her patience, confidence and her ability to make the best of every step of the process. Now, she can really go au naturel and has inspired many people considering such a change as well.

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