Groom Undergoes Pre-Wedding Makeover And Ends Up Looking Decades Younger

Date December 24, 2019 13:52

We bet you've never seen a makeover this drastic! A man who wanted to look extra handsome for his upcoming wedding decided that a facial transformation was his best bet. And truly, he looked absolutely incredible.

The beauty of a pre-wedding makeover

Usually, pre-wedding makeovers are a woman's thing. Take makeup artist Arber Bytygi, for instance. He has made a career of helping to transform women into gorgeous brides for their special day.

He once revealed to BoredPanda that he considered makeup to be a "jewelry" for a person's face. And those who want to get good at it should experiment as much as possible.

In his opinion, no one should be afraid to transform themselves. And one handsome groom took that advice.

Wedding makeover

Makeovers for men are on the rise these days and this is because looking good isn't something favored by just one gender, especially on a person's wedding day.

Stylist Jason Makki once shared an amazing makeover video showing how he transformed a gloomy dark-haired groom-to-be into a handsome man.

Changes were made to the man's hair and face. The colors mostly remained the same but the grooming was top-notch, leaving him looking sleek and clean.


Jason's fans believed he did a fantastic job. Check out their comments:

@Lisa Murphy:

Mans wife won’t believe that’s the same guy that proposed to her. What a major difference.


Dude went from 60 to 30 in 10 minutes.

Flip Phone:

You've uncovered the handsome man hiding under that mop of hair!

@Rainbow Moonchild:

His fiancee is going to think she went to the wrong church.

Pre-wedding grooming tips for men

A man's makeover can also be as significant as that of a woman. And according to VancouverSun, men who want to look dashing on their wedding day must think about the following:

  1. Hair: Style expert Colin Ford suggested that grooms should avoid overly drastic, colorful or wild haircuts on their wedding day. You don't want to look unrecognizable to your bride.
  2. Skin: Another expert, Anthony Sosnick advised grooms-to-be to consider starting a good skin regimen weeks before the wedding.
  3. Nails: This is also something else to consider. You may think the situation of your nails goes unnoticed but dirty cuticles are an instant turn-off when observed.

Another makeover

This wasn't the first time Jason wowed his fans with his makeover skills. Another video of his showed how he transformed one man into quite the handsome devil also for his wedding.

A wedding is an important day in a person's life. And we love how these men are choosing to make some changes to their appearance. Just as a groom's face lights up when he sees his lady looking especially beautiful, brides also love to be pleasantly surprised with their partner's looks. What better way to start your happy-ever-after journey than when you both look your absolute best.

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