22-Year-Old Didn't Cut His Hair For 5 Years, But A Short-Hair Makeover Gave Him A Whole New Look

Date December 19, 2019

One man's makeover left people completely stunned at how different he looked after his hair underwent a big change.

Even though it may not seem like such a big deal, a person's hair is usually a strong indication of who they are and how they feel. Kurt Stenn, author of Hair: a Human History, once explained to Time that hair is "highly communicative."

He pointed out that the look and state of an individual's hair send messages of health, power and sometimes even religious beliefs at first glance.

In some cases, it reflects a person's identity, be it as an individual or as a group. And the more attention a person pays to their hair, the more it reveals about them.

Long story, hair is important. And whether you leave it short or long, people will always consider it as a part of your identity.

An epic makeover for a man

Usually, beauty makeovers are done on women but some men give it a shot too. The Rachel Ray Show encountered a waiter at a restaurant who sported a man bun and decided that he was the best candidate for an incredible makeover.

22-year-old Joe the waiter had been growing his hair out for five years after his parents refused to let him do so when he was in high school. Even though it started as his way of rebelling, this young man's long, dark and luscious mane soon became a part of his identity. But he didn't mind trying something different.

The Rachel Ray Show crew got their hands on his hair and gave him an incredible new look. Yes, they did chop off most of his locks but left enough to still give him that bad boy edge.

Joe looked like a completely different man when they were done with him. And even his girlfriend couldn't be happier.

Another epic makeover

Rachel Ray's makeovers aren't exclusive to just women. In fact, she once convinced a man named Roger to get a haircut for the first time in 20 years. And the result was as drastic as you might expect.

Having a makeover for a man isn't quite as commonplace as for ladies. In many cases, guys probably don't think they need to make such big changes to their look. But these transformations have shown that anyone, whether male or female, can benefit from a change in appearance.

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