65-Year-Old Woman Wasn't Happy With Her Hairstyle, And A Dramatically Shorter Hairdo Gave Her A Totally Different Look

Date December 18, 2019

Christopher Hopkins, AKA the makeover guy, has gradually become one of the biggest names in the beauty industry. Even though he has created a strong career for himself, it's his amazing makeover videos that have ended up captivating his audience.

Christopher is always happy to give anyone a total makeover but some of his best works have come to be the transformation he gives older women. Many elderly people may think they are too old to worry about their looks or choose a style that suits them but this stylist begs to differ.

In an interview, the famous personality revealed that he loved the challenge of transforming older women as he believed that there was nothing wrong with taking pride in one's appearance regardless of age.

65-year-old woman gets a makeover

Christopher Hopkin's makeover videos are hugely popular online. People love to see his creations and in many cases, they approve of his works.

A 65-year-old woman who didn't like how her hair looked relied on the stylist's expertise to give her a big change.

Lee Carpenter initially had a head of white hair with curls. She said she wanted to try something different and that was exactly what TheMakeoverGuy did for her.

After her transformation, the retiree looked much more vibrant and gorgeous. Her hair was still the same color for the most part but now, she rocked a much shorter and edgier hairdo.

She admitted she loved her makeover, declaring that her new look was "pretty stinking good." She noted in the video that she was thrilled and excited too.

Fans approve

Many people loved how Lee looked in her after shot. They adored Christopher Hopkins and praised him for a job well done.

@Schlautropf G said:

Again, everything is different afterwards. Her posture, her voice (confident now), her whole body language. Stunning look.

@Donna Gaither agreed:

This haircut suit her so well!!! Beautiful, youthful hair and makeup.

@momma D chickadee loved the makeover too:

She's rockin the silver vixen look now. Just wow!!

One of the best things about makeovers like this is how much happier and confident the subjects look afterward. As they appreciate their new appearance, they become so excited to show it off and it reflects in their expression. We hope this beautiful woman embraces her new appearance and sees it as an opportunity to showcase the beauty within.

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