Style Healing: Woman Who Lost Sight In One Eye After Stroke Treats Herself To A Spectacular Makeover

Date October 28, 2019 15:55

Many health tragedies can take a heavy toll on one's body. Women who primarily measure their self-esteem in accordance with their appearance can suffer mentally too. Is there a remedy for them to retrieve the lost confidence?

Certainly, a style change can help them divert their attention from their wounds. It's a way to focus on the good and embrace the new setting.

Style Healing: Woman Who Lost Sight In One Eye After Stroke Treats Herself To A Spectacular MakeoverStanislav71 /

Hair are the ultimate reflection of how you feel inside. Due to disease and extensive medication, your luscious locks can lose the shine. While on the road to recovery, it's better to consider a haircut and some styling assistance.

Healing makeover

A 65-year-old woman named Nancy from Spooner, Wisconsin reached out to The Makeover Guy. She was referred by her granddaughter who works at the appearance studio. The lady had suffered an occipital stroke in November of 2018 which left her blind in one eye. Now, it was her time to heal through the power of makeup.

Christopher Hopkins attended to her locks while transforming her. He decided to lighten and layer rather than cut it short as she has always worn it. After the modification, Nancy called her makeover "spectacular". She was happy and satisfied beyond words, repeatedly exclaiming: "I'm gorgeous".

People complimented her new looks and sent her best wishes


This is healing like medicine. She has a beautiful smile and the makeover brought it out.

@Melinda C:

What a marvelous makeover for a lovely lady. I almost cried.

@Nancy DeGrie:

She looks 15 years younger!

@Josie's Journey:

My heart skipped a beat when the makeover was revealed. Incredible transformation. She really is gorgeous! Love it. Sweet lady, hope she is out showing it off with those sparkling eyes right now!

@Kathryn Valero:

Her happiness is such a blessing to my soul!! She looks fully recovered!!

Hats off to the Makeover Guy, he's performed another style miracle. Can you believe how radiant and fearless Nancy looks? It is as if she's a new person. Don't you think?

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