Woman Finally Gets The Haircut Of Her Dreams & People Think She Transformed Into Lisa Rinna

Date November 5, 2019 10:49

A haircut upgrade can either make or break your outlook. So, it's important to choose the right one according to your facial shape, skin tone and even personality. Want to see how the correct style can do wonders? Read on!

Woman Finally Gets The Haircut Of Her Dreams & People Think She Transformed Into Lisa RinnaSFROLOV /

It's no surprise that hair are a woman's crowning glory. When they look great, we feel great. Let's not mention the havoc of a bad hair day altogether.

An unusual, but flattering cut makes us instantly memorable and appealing. Need a promotion, want to impress your crush or have an urge to improve your destiny? Book a salon appointment and the doors of opportunities will open to you. It's all about how you radiate confidence!

Celebrity-worthy hair makeover

A 66-year-old woman named Wendy stepped in The Makeover Guy's studio. She complained about how she has never liked the haircuts that hairdressers gave her. The lady felt like a 40 inside, but, 90 outside. So, she needed to refresh her spirit with a life-changing transformation.

Christopher Hopkins knew exactly what would work for her persona. He chopped her golden tresses to make them manageable, yet trendy. The master of beauty added depth to her weary look by dyeing her locks to a rose shade. Subtle strokes of makeup brought out the diva in her.

Wendy absolutely loved it!

People think she resembles a TV-star now

@J Mitch:

When she picked her hair up and just let it fall it still looked great! To me, that's what makes a haircut a masterpiece. She reminds me a little bit of Lisa Rinna.

@Stacy B2:

WOW, she looks wonderful! I saw someone else comment that she looks reminds them of Lisa Rinna and I thought the exact same thing. 😍

@Patricia DeWeese:

Looks twenty years younger!! Never underestimate the power of good makeup and a great haircut!! Beautiful!


You look wonderful. You look like your daughter in the after.

@san corn:

Wow, she looks likes Lisa Rinna!

Hats of to the Makeover Guy! Once again, he read a client's mind and provided her with the best remedy. Wendy, you slay lady! Share this and compliment the lovely woman.